Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A full house!

Mom went back to Hyd last week to sort a few things (patients, home etc) and is back today with my sis and her new born. Once again, it is a full house! It is simply lovely to have everyone around, parents, father in law, sister, her new born. Rohan was super excited on the way back from school today in the anticipation of seeing his pinni and ammamma.

Rohan's birthday is this Thursday and we have managed to have all the family together for this day so far every year. Hoping for many more years ahead.

The nephew seems to have taken quite a liking for me ;) He gets easily consoled when I carry him around and try and soothe him. He smiles when I make gestures for him and what not ;) Of course, I am bragging. I feel good about being able to quieten him when he is crying, so one's gotta brag ;)


Anonymous said...

Yes nothing like having family around to share the Joy!

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