Friday, August 10, 2012

Ohh 11!

It has already been one year since I wrote this!

Today I got over one big mental block and did what I never thought I could or would do! Stay tuned to find out how successful or dud it turned out to be (of course also to even know what it is!) All thanks to a very nice cousin and friend :)

In recent times, back to doing what I love best - teaching. Coaching an engineer at work on technical topics and it brings out the teacher in me totally. Including the pop-quiz type questions! I think when I am tired of the corporate job, I will go back to teaching.

Not many people know that I used to take tuitions when I was in engineering and actually made some pretty nice money out of it which paid for my fuel (I loved roaming the roads on my Scooty/Kinetic/TVS) and also for my street food fests! :) And to think of it - I started off completely against my will thanks to the repeated insistence of that aunty who would not leave me alone till I started teaching her daughter M, Maths. I actually never took any money from her. More so because that way I could stop when I wanted if I felt it was intruding on my free time too much, which I valued far more than anything else.

Since I have anyways said this much, let me also mention that I count that as one of the bigger accomplishments in my life. M was sent for tuition because she barely got passing marks in Math in 9th standard CBSE and after she started coming to me in 10th she got some cool 90% types in the CBSE boards :) Her parents came home and gave us sweets etc - you get the drift. Cannot forget that satisfaction - only a teaching profession can give you that! Later more people started coming and I actually had a paying job in tuitions ;)

 Fond memories..those engineering days :)


Anonymous said...

guessing A)booked honeymoon tickets to parents because of birthday or booked a dinner for them??

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - did not quite get that ;)

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