Friday, June 29, 2012

The boss

This week I met up with my ex-manager from SJ. He was visiting on work. He is a really great guy and I've mentioned him multiple times on this blog. It was great seeing him after nearly 1.5 years. Caught up with general stuff, how Bangalore is working out for us, kids, daycare, schools etc :)

Yesterday he was leaving for Hyd, I was thinking of calling him all the while and guess what, he called on his way to the airport to say bye. That is the kind of nice guy he is :) He did not really have to, yet he did.

On a side note, this week was performance evaluation week at work. My manager said all of my engineers gave positive, happy reviews/feedback for me :) I was glad. And thought of this guy. I used to admire his management style, how it was always easy to work with him, you could always go talk to him about anything and he'd listen and be genuinely interested in helping you. I always try to follow his style - between him at work and Subhash at home, they totally moderated me and my approach to everything in life :) I will always be thankful for that :)

When we were leaving the US, the fact that I will have to now report to someone else after being with that team for three whole years was the only thing that bothered me a lot, and for quite a while after I moved - that says it all actually :)


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