Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conditioned body

Today it was drizzling when me and the son were driving back from work. I rolled down the windows (which I do very rarely) so that I can enjoy the rain (no smells, remember?) drops. I rolled down just my window and the passenger seat (son sits in his own sinhasan aka car seat at the back). Suddenly he yelped angrily and held his hair. I am assuming either it was the wind or a rain drop. He didn't like it. Till I rolled the windows back up and shut out the external elements, he kept angrily signaling to me that he is not comfortable at all.

Talk about conditioned bodies. Phew!


Kaumudi said...

I totally agree.. I wish we get back to enjoy these simple things and help our kids enjoy them too..

Anonymous said...

That pains a really cute picture of the crown prince (maybe his crown was threatening to dislodge? :-)

And "angrily signaling" -- I'm imagining him flipping you the bird :-D


DivSu said...

@DS - No, thankfully ;) He just kept grunting loudly every 2-3 seconds ;)

Anonymous said...

Imagined it and found it too sweet :-),the held his hair bit

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