Friday, September 17, 2010

The maid's prank call

So my maid yelled into her phone the other day (she is on her mobile talking to someone or another 50% of her work hours). I asked her what was up and if it was a prank call. She said, yeah, and the person would change the language in which he was conversing to throw her off the scent and make her think it was different people. But she said she knew because of the caller ID. I mean what kind of an idiot would think that a person owning a mobile phone wouldn't make out the caller ID?!

So, she was furious. And she asked me to help her call back the same number. And I did. It was apparently a Bangalore number (she cleverly made out since it didn't require a 0 in Bangalore, where if she was calling from her home town, she had to add one). And she yelled at the person saying, "if you call me another time, you see what I will do. You think you can fool me by changing voices/languages and you think I wouldn't know how to call you back. if you call me again, I will give your number into the police and then think what would happen to you." And so on and so forth, you get the drift..

I wonder so many times, I wouldn't think of the Police when trying to teach someone a lesson. Probably because I know how it works so well, that I've given up hope. But apparently the police threat still works in some circles!


Prabha Mohan said...

I am told the police are merciless in some circles and more effective than you would want them to be. For instance, I would think twice before i call the police about something being stolen at home (if i suspected my housekeepers). You have to consider if it is worth having them beaten to a pulp to admit to stealing.

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