Monday, October 12, 2009

The philosopher

One of the first philosophies I embraced after becoming a mom - In life nothing comes easy, even for newborns.

What else explains the fact that even wen they are barely hours old, they have to learn to latch and suckle and spend energy in doing so. All for those few drops of mother's milk which will protect them and feed them for the next few months.

Sigh! Even newborns apparently have to work hard for food..

Thanks everyone for the wishes, I had so many inquiries on the name. We will mostly go with "Rohan Aditya". Rohan means ascending. Aditya because he was born on a Sunday. Together it means "ascendng/rising sun" which is around when he was delivered to us :) In the wake of the morning..


Anonymous said...

Awesome choice on both.. of course I love the name Aditya because its my husband's name (he was also born on a Sunday).. wish you and little Rohan much happiness and good health.

God bless!

Laksh said...

Congratulations and nice name!!

Kiran said...

Wow.. Congratulations on becoming a mom. Nice name

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