Monday, August 17, 2009

The last mile

Lots of things happening around here.

Needless to say Swine Flu had become big news till SRK decided to use some underhand tactics to gain publicity. I don't know why movie stars think they are "exceptional". When you are in an airport and on a flight, you are just one more head. I know of a director in our team who used to get routinely stopped because his last name was Islamic. It happens to a lot of people I know. It recently it happened to our ex-president Dr. Kalam. He took it sportingly, in the most humble way, truly showing what a thorough gentleman he is, and even the newspapers were more than happy to let go with one article somewhere in some nth page of the paper. But if it is SRK, it is a big racket. Wow! Stupid movie stars with stupid airs.

It had been raining all night. Pit-pat, pit-pat. Whenever I reached the shallower depths of sleep, I thought about the clothes hung outside and how wet they would now be. Me and my home affairs, I will never grow over it, sigh! I officially have OCD ;)

One of Subhash's friends from IIM was here over the weekend. He was on his way to Coorg with his wife and 4-month old. They stayed over with us for a day and it was very nice having them over. I am amazed at the patience that these guys have. Almost all of the time goes in looking after the baby. Feeding, napping, changing, feeding, napping, changing etc. And yet they manage to travel. I just don't get how. One of my closest friends K also did this. They traveled all the way to Hawai'i from Phoenix when her first daughter was just 4 months old! I just wish I had equal patience as these guys. They are, to me, super-people. Period.

Kaminey is the latest rave apparently. My Facebook wall was full of how "fuper" the movie "if". Etc. You get the drift. I am assuming from all of that, that one Shahid has the f-instead-of-s syndrome in the movie and the other possibly has a stutter (or maybe the same one has both?!). Need to plan to watch this movie sometime soon if I need to keep my sanity even after seeing a wall full of "Kaminey if fuper" sort of stuff. My god! Talk of originality!!

Finally got home that fifty-five incher. Its amazing how much technology can do. This TV is so thin, I had to see to believe it!! And also went cosmetic shopping with an old colleague who is leaving for Germany to do her MBA and needed some expert advice ;) I took the opportunity and finally got that Minerals foundation from L'Oreal. I have this bad habit with cosmetics. I am extremely enthu about buying them and researching them, but after I get them home, I rarely wear any of them more than a couple times :( I hope this one has better usage stats than the rest!!
And as I enter the nth phase, the hormones are playing their part. And I am a miserable wretch some days. Boy! I hope I get past this soon!!


Shubhika Taneja said...

i totally agree on ur take on the film stars living in an illusion that they are extremely imp dudes and should be treated like Kings anywhere they go.

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