Thursday, July 13, 2006

India's 7/11 - Admirable bounce-back

I wanted to write this blog about the Mumbai tragedy. But I don't want to elaborate on what the media has already covered so much, the unnecessary death and destruction. I totally feel that war and terrorism are such a waste of human life, but I won't go into my sentiments on that issue, that is not what this blog is about.

We were following the coverage in CNN-IBN all through. Last night I was very happy and totally impressed when they flashed pictures of Mumbai post the tragedy. Mumbai is so cool! I am saying this even though I didn't particularly go crazy after the city when I went there, as so many people seem to do. But today I have to say, Mumbai is really cool. Not for the Bollywood glitz, not for the commercial hubbub, not for anything but the sheer resilience of its populous. Less than 24 hours, in some cases even 12 hrs, after the serial bomb blasts on Western Railway, the trains were all back up and running and the only thing that beats that is the fact that people were traveling on them!! I saw some of those trains; they were jampacked!! I was really impressed. We saw footage about how people were getting to work using the very trains that had exploded the previous evening. Some HAD to do it without another option to fall back on, and some because they simply refused to be terrorized. Either way, I felt really happy that life seemed very much normal, and what better blow to anyone trying to disrupt peace and cause terror among the city!!!

I should add that I feel really sad for all those people who are still searching for their missing relatives.

But this incident has been a cause for inspiration for me more than anything. To get up and go no matter how much you are trodden on:) And to do it in style!

I usually don't like cliches, but for this one:

Hats off to Mumbai!


Kaumudi said...

"It happens only in India"

I am proud to be part of a country where people are like this...
Jai Hind!!

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