Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How do I protect my kids?!

The other day Subhash and I were watching some Indian music videos on Sify's channels. Boy! What ARE they trying to send across. This video was called Lady Bichua, and it was the most attrocious video I have seen to date. I am playing safe and saying its one of the most attrocious videos I have seen as I don't know how many more are out there. But this video made me twitch in nausea seriously. The obscenity totally lacked any sensual touch, the profanity was uncalled for and the promiscuous behaviour totally perpetrating the lesson of cheating on your partner! Why in God's name do they make videos like this I know not! Entertaining the audience is the last thing it did. Sensuous was the last thing it was. Nauseating IS the word for it. I guess the only people who would be affected by this would be pre-teen kids and in all the wrong ways!

Ahem! for Indian music videos and the way they are going! And god bless my to-be kids! I know not how I will protect them from all these media assaults:((


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